Katie Dellamaggiore


Katie Dellamaggiore is an award-winning documentary director and television producer whose work has appeared on PBS, MTV, A&E, Discovery and TLC. 

From her Emmy Award-nominated 2012 film Brooklyn Castle (SXSW, P.O.V.) about the nation's best junior high chess team and its fight against public school budget cuts, to her most recent documentary for Whirlpool called Sama's Lunchbox: An Every Day Care Story about a young Syrian refugee who shares traditional foods with her new classmates, Katie's vibrant, character-based films are rooted in universal stories of identity, community, resilience and hope.  

Katie also directed Ur Life Online, an educational film for A&E that was Emmy Award-nominated for Outstanding Single Camera Editing, and New Orleans: Here and Now, a Time Inc. anthology honoring the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. 

She is currently working on her next documentary, The Quiet Zone, about a unique town in West Virginia where the cutting edge work of a powerful radio telescope depends on a community of neighbors that must find ways to connect with one another without the use of cell phones, which are forbidden by law.

Katie was born and raised in South Brooklyn and now lives with her husband and her two daughters in North Brooklyn because New York City is also a really great town (some might say the best) and it's home.